Five Great Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Five Great Wedding Guest Hairstyles

The first consideration when preparing a wedding is probably your outfit. You will also, however, also have to think about the best hairstyle to complete your look. With so many options available, here is a guide to five of the best ways to make your hair a vital part of your style.

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Hair Barrettes

One consideration is the kind of accessory you will use to hold your hair in place. Using plenty of hair barrettes is very fashionable at the moment and brings you plenty of options. These are not the plastic grips and slides that children were wearing back in the nineties. Diamante or pearl decoration ensures these barrettes are as modern and stylish as possible.

Ribboned Low Pony

Classic and somewhat romantic in effect, the ribboned low pony is a simple but charming design. All you need to do is tie your hair low with elastic or a ribbon. You can add volume by loosening some of the hair at your crown. Rather than trying to be completely controlled, a few free curls of hair around your face can really complete the look.

Classic Low Chignon

There is a reason the low bun of the classic low chignon is a classic, and that is because of the effortless elegance it conveys. It is a simple way for the ladies with long or medium-length hair to look stylish throughout the day, regardless of which of the many designs of wedding guest dresses available from a retailer such as is chosen.

Five Great Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Halo Braid

Another style for long and medium-length hair is the halo braid. It is not difficult to do and can create a stylishly messy effect when you are attending a less formal wedding. Like the ribboned low pony, you can leave a few strands of hair free to frame your face and add to the charm.

Twisted Crown

Having short hair does not mean you cannot try out a new style for a wedding. The twisted crown is effective on both long and short hair, particularly when it is fine in texture. Gather and secure your hair at the crown of your neck, then create two twists of hair at the sides that tie above your first ponytail. You may need some hairspray to hold it in place.